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Александр Вартанов, Юлия Савиковская
Утечка (Leak)

A fantastical story about life after an explosion in the (not-so-)distant future

Yulia Savikovskaya’s play Leak, a fantastical story about life after an explosion in the (not-so-)distant future, was presented in the main program of the Lyubimovka Festival in 2020. The production combines elements of a play reading and audio-visual performance, where a feed of the live performance is united with sound installations, photography and videos.

«The play is unique in both its form and content. It consists of 12 brief dialogues between various people who exist in an apocalyptic future world in the aftermath of a mysterious ‘leak.’ Before our eyes, these people’s consciousness and language degrades and dehumanizes; however, this doesn’t keep them from living, fighting and trying to remember what happened to them and the world around them. The reading of the play, as directed by Alexander Vartanov, showed that the play contains several genres: phantasmagoria, comedy, tragedy and even a little horror.» (Maria Ogneva, art director of the Lyubimovka Festival)

Meyerhold Center (Russia)


Yulia Savikovskaya

Director, sound designer:

Alexander Vartanov

Photo, video:

Alex Avgud


Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Natalya Sapetskaya, Marina Ganakh, Ilya Barabanov, Lyudmila Kornienko


Yuri Shekhvatov, Olga Ivannikova

The production was created with the support of the annual Brewhouse Stage Prize, a project of Mosbrew Brewhouse, and the Lyubimovka Festival of New Plays.