1 hour 40 minutes

Траектория музыки
Horror Vacui

An audio-visual concert of contemporary classical and improvisational music

The theme of the concert will be the creative expansion of space and time with the help of technology. In musical compositions, instrumentalists interact with electronics, expanding their sound thanks to detailed sound amplification and sound distribution in space, as well as — with the help of its «memory» — breaking the linearity of time, creating a recursive reality. Musicians create sounds that return to them in exact or modified form, in large or micro-time intervals, and become new sound material with which they enter into a creative dialogue.

Five Russian soloists — Sergey Poltavsky, Dmitry Vlasik, Yulia Migunova and Alexey Potapov — will play five electroacoustic compositions by two German and two Russian composers. Berlin-based video artist Lillevan will perform his new compositions to the music of Dmitry Kurlyadnsky and Arman Gushchyan. Part of the program will be live videos in the works of German composers Michael Bayle and Alexander Schubert and works by video artist Veit Lup.

__ Updated program: __

Dmitry Kurlandsky — «unsolvable acoustic cases» for viola and live electronics, with video art by Lillevan (2021/2021) world premiere

Arman Gushchyan — [V] for cello and live electronics, with video art by Lillevan (2012/2021) world premiere

Michael Bayle — «along» for guitar, live video and sound track (2011)
Alexander Shubert — «Weapon of Choice» for viola, sensor, live electronics and live video (2009) Russian premiere

Michael Bayle — «Batterie» for drum kit, sound and video tracks (2003) Russian premiere

Produced by Trajectory of Music

As part of German Year in Russia 2020/2021, with the support of Goethe-Institut